J Bayle

Oct 19, 2019 | Projects

What we have to say …
Material: Ash Paper: Natural – Glued and shrunk. Design: Elongated panels for the middle doors cut out to enable viewing of the garden.

What the customer has to say …

Rarely in one’s life do you get to have dream and Live it. For me this was to experience Japanese culture and dream of it, only to want for more. Shades of Japan let me Live my dream by helping me design and build a complete Japanese tea room complete with Shoji and tatami. Add a little incense, close your eyes and listen to NHK and before you know it you are whisked away to Kyoto… Now I Live the chado (tea ceremony), choosing the chabana (tea ceremony flowers) for my tea room. All thanks to Shades of Japan. Well Done to Glenn, Tony and the two Paul’s for all the hard work and tolerating a most exacting customer. Looking forward to adding more Shoji or other features!

– J.Bayle